5 Reasons Why Boiler Maintenance Is Critical

5 Reasons Why Boiler Maintenance Is Critical - Greener Homes Group

Understanding how your boiler operates is key to also understanding why you need to ensure it is serviced and maintained regularly. The boiler in your home is by far one of, if not the most used appliances you have. No matter if it is summer or winter it will be used. Therefore ensuring its lifespan is vital to making sure your home is heated and has hot water supply. At Greener Homes we are heating specialists with a vast amount of experience within the industry. In our latest article we take a look at the 5 reasons why boiler maintenance is critical. 

What Is Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler maintenance and boiler servicing are very similar. Both involve having a registered heating engineer enter your home to perform checks on the boiler system as a whole. By maintaining your boiler regularly there are numerous benefits. Most of these revolve around financials be that from lowering heating costs, but also any potential repair costs that may occur.

Why Is It Critical?

Understanding why servicing and maintenance is critical will help you to rationalise why you need to have a registered engineer out to your home regularly. We have worked with numerous customers who over time could have saved large amounts of money in repair costs if they had invested beforehand. Some of the reasons why maintenance is important are as follows:-

Ensure Efficiency 

Over time all boilers will lose their efficiency. Being used to the level that they are, general wear and tear will tend to occur. This however can be limited with regular maintenance and servicing. During a service all pipework and inner workings are checked to ensure there is no blockages or debris which may be affecting how your boiler operates when started up. 

Keeping your boiler efficient is important as it directly relates to monthly costs. If a boiler takes longer to start up, or more effort to heat your home you may see that it costs a lot more in order to keep this process running. A simple service can therefore help you to save money

Save Costs 

Alongside saving money on costs, regular maintenance can help you to also save money on repairs and other costs. During a maintenance visit, all parts of your boiler are checked, and any potential fault areas are identified. Within this period it is then easier to see where is going to need that repair, or if you may need other replacements.

By catching potential fauls early you can limit any further damage from happening. This could be needing more parts or even a full boiler refit. Both of which are a lot more than a few parts which could be identified.

Decrease Risk Of Failure 

Maintenance is a great way to understand what may be going wrong, or potential failures that are occurring. Before they can happen, it is important to make sure they are looked at by a registered heating engineer. If a boiler can run smoothly with the help of some tweaks and some replacement parts, then you decrease the risk of failure within the whole system. 

Decreasing the risk of failure not just saves money within your home, but also the inconvenience of not having hot water or heating. The benefits of having regular maintenance therefore is very apparent.

Maintain Warranty

One of the main benefits when it comes to having you boiler serviced and also maintained is the ability to maintain and validate warranty. When a new boiler is installed, most manufacturers will offer a 10 years warranty. However, this will need to be validated with a yearly service or regular maintenance which will be recorded by your heating engineer. 

Maintaining a warranty is very important when it comes to saving money. If there is to be a costly breakdown or fault, then some of these are covered under this warranty. Therefore for a yearly service you could save hundreds if not thousands of pounds in the long run.

Keeps Families Safe 

Safety within the home is vital. Regardless if you live on your own or with your family. All boilers burn gases in order to create the heat needed for your home. Therefore the chances of a leak are significantly increased. There are a number of safety measures you can implement, but boiler maintenance is the most effective. 

During a maintenance visit or service, heating engineers will take a close look at the internal workings and pipework of the boiler to test and check its integrity. From here they can then suggest anything that needs to be repaired or altered. They will also check any fail safe equipment you have installed to ensure that it is working how it should be. 

To Conclude

There are more than just 5 reasons why boiler maintenance is critical, however the ones listed above are very much the most common that we explain to our customers on a regular basis. Ensure your boiler is looked after and you will definitely see a reduction in costs within your home. At Greener Homes we are registered heating engineers with a wealth of experience within the industry. For more information on the services that we offer please Contact Us.