What Is The Best Boiler To Buy In 2020

What Is The Best Boiler To Buy In 2020 - Greener Homes Boiler Installation

So that time of the year is fast approaching when you may find yourself in need of a new boiler. New boiler installations around the Summer time are very prominent in the UK due to everyone getting ready for the winter months. At Greener Homes we are specialist heating engineers with a vast amount of experience in industry. In our latest blog we look at what is the best boiler to buy in 2020.

Why May I Need A New Boiler?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may need to have a new boiler installed. Most commonly is due to age and lack of efficiency. Boilers over 10+ years tend to be less efficient due to their overall usage. Breakdowns are also another factor. With an older boiler it is always possible that if it is to breakdown that it may cost more to repair than to replace. 

Now that the summer is very much upon us, many of our clients will use this time for essential work and boiler replacements. Due to having no hot water or heating, they can go out for the day and leave us to handle any work that needs doing. As well as wanting to ensure they have a fully working system for the winter months.

Why Is The Decision So Difficult?

The decision does not need to be difficult if you are well informed and have done your research correctly. Choosing the right boiler is very important to you home for a variety of reasons but the most important is down to demand. Having a boiler which does not suit the demands of your home can be very inconvenient. This could mean having to wait for it to heat your home for longer and also not having enough water when required. 

A qualified heating engineer will be able to best assess which boiler is right for your home. At Greener Homes we partner with Worcester Bosch as an approved fitter. This ensures that we are well positioned to offer advice on which of their products will be best for our customers.

What Are The Best Options?

When it comes to looking at a new boiler there are three standard options which are the most common. More and more homes are moving away from conventional heating methods, however, these three still top what is the best boiler to buy in 2020. They include the following:-

Combi Boiler 

The Combi boiler is by far the most common and popular boiler which is installed in peoples homes. This is mainly due to the fact it has the ability to heat water and also heat your home. Most homes in the modern day are always short for space as well. This is helped by the fact that the combi boiler has no need to have a storage tank. This is due to the boiler being connected to mains supply. 

Combi boilers have become even more efficient over the years hence the reasons why they are so commonly used. Other benefits to these include:-

  • Space saving due to no tank needed in the loft 
  • Cheaper to install than the other most common 
  • Mains pressure in the shower which creates a better flow of water 
  • Economical 
  • Parts readily available with most suppliers.

System Boilers 

Most system boilers are found in homes that have multiple bedrooms. This is due to most of these homes needing to potentially have hot water at the same time. With a system boiler there is a need to have a tank installed within your home as this is where hot water is stored. Water is then on demand for when needed, but does have the ability to run out if used consecutively. 

However, as mentioned the use of a system boiler is still very popular in larger homes. This is also very fitting as most larger homes have adequate space for a storage tank. Other benefits of a system boiler include:- 

  • Ideal for homes with 2 or more bathrooms 
  • Relatively easy to install 
  • Does not require a cold water tank 
  • Can work very well with solar thermal energy

Conventional Boiler 

A conventional boiler which can also be referred to as a regular or traditional are used in many older style houses before the real big use of combi or system. These boilers require  a hot water and cold water storage tank so are only beneficial if you have a large amount of cupboard space as well as loft space. As boilers go they are not as common now due to newer house builds, however are still prominent. 

However, for their faults they are very good if you have adequate space, or live in an older style home. Some of the other benefits include:-

  • Can supply hot water to two or more bathrooms at one time without an effect on pressure.
  • Immersion heaters help to ensure that incase of breakdown hot water can still be accessed. 
  • If you have low water pressure then a conventional boiler is perfect.
  • They can also be paired with many solar energy sources.

To Conclude

When it comes to making a decision on what is the best boiler to buy in 2020 you have three main very popular options. Deciding what is best can be down to the homeowner, but also the guidance of the registered heating professional to ensure that all is going to be as efficient as possible. There are a number of other boiler types which you can explore, however our predictions would suggest they will become more prominent in 2021. At Greener Homes we are always striving to offer the best possible service to our customers. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer then please do Contact Us.