What Size Boiler Do I Need?

What Size Boiler Do I Need - By Greener Homes

When it comes to choosing the boiler in which you need, size is a big consideration. Depending on uses, size of home and various other elements specific boiler sizes may not be right. At Greener Homes we are specialists heating engineers with a proven reputation of boiler installations. In this article we look at what size boiler I need for my home and the factors that affect it.

How Is Boiler Size Measured?

A boiler size refers to the output of that said device in kilowatts (kW) not the actual physical dimensions. A kilowatt is the unit used to measure how much energy is output by the boiler in the form of heat. The more heat and hot water you require, the higher output you will need.

Should I Choose An Oversize Boiler?

Many years ago there was a recommendation that an over-sized boiler would compensate for heat loss. However, this is not always the case. Most modern boilers due to the advances in technology are suitable to be as efficient as ever.

What You Need To Consider

When it comes to choosing what boiler size you need there are many considerations that you need to think about. Your home size, its occupancy and various other factors need to be looked at, so ensuring you have the right size also can help to lower heating costs. The elements you need to consider include the following:-

Hot Water Demand

Most boilers within the UK service both heating and also hot water on demand. They are practical and convenient as well as being fairly low cost to run. If however, you do have a larger home with say more than one bathroom then you may find that a standard combi-boiler will not be able to supply enough hot water. 

Deciding on whether or not a combi boiler will be able to provide all of the hot water you require will determine the size of the boiler in which you require. If you are using a fair amount of water then you may want to consider whether a conventional or system boiler that includes a hot water tank is the right choice.

Number Of Radiators 

The number of radiators will have an effect on the size of the boiler that you will need to have within your home. The more radiators you have, the more power you need in order to fully utilise them. On the flip side, if you own a flat having a smallest boiler suitable is also great for those needing space saving as well as efficiency. 

Heat Loss

It is still common for home size to be a big contributor in which boiler you will have installed in your home. However, heat loss is something that should also not be ignored. If your home is serseptible to losing a lot of heat this may also mean a larger boiler is needed. 

Heat loss calculations take into account a range of factors including floor area, number of radiators, number and types of windows as well as multiple other insulation factors. These calculations are then translated to fit with what specific type of boiler you may require.

Type Of Fuel 

The type of fuel that is available in your home will also dictate heavily which type of boiler and also size you will require. Most UK boilers operate with gas which offers the greatest levels of efficiency. Those that find themselves not connected to the main gas supply will usually opt for oil fire or LPG.

With the increase in the need for a greener heating solution more and more homeowners are moving to alternative methods. These alternative methods will also dictate what boiler you will need, and this will be very much specific to your home.

Water Pressure

Although not a major consideration for those who live in a newer home, but those who may be in something older may not have suitable water pressure. This can impact on the size of the boiler that you will need and also limit the options to choose from. 

A combi boiler must be able to cope with the water pressure that is passing through it in order for it to be heated. The higher the pressure and flow rate the bigger boiler will need to be. Most manufacturers will give you adequate advice on what you will need to choose. However it is always beneficial to get further advice from a registered professional.

To Conclude

When it comes to deciding what size boiler you need there are many considerations that you need to look at. By doing this research you will have a better understanding of what is on the market as a whole. At Greener Homes we are specialist heating engineers who have many years of experience in industayr. If you would like more information or guidance on what boiler size your home would require then please do Contact Us.