What to Expect with a Boiler Installation with Greener Homes


Having a new boiler installation may not seem like an exciting task to get done. But it’s an essential one. Generally speaking, heating your home and your water are daily needs. If your boiler breaks down, you will notice immediately, particularly in the winter. In this article find out what to expect with a boiler installation with Greener Homes.

There are several options of boiler to choose from including the type and brand. Choosing to get your boiler installation with Greener Homes is a great way to start. Especially if you’re looking for a more cost efficient boiler. 

Consider a New Boiler

A key point to considering a new boiler is that your current one may be underperforming. Are you noticing that some rooms in your home take ages to heat up?  In addition to this, are there funny noises coming from the boiler? Are there leaks from your water tank?

Naturally, you can continue to get your boiler serviced and repaired. However, it’s more efficient and consequently cost effective to get a new one installed. Getting a boiler installation with Greener Homes can save you money on your heating bill in the long run. 

Get in Touch with Us

You can get in touch with us at greenerhomesgroup.co.uk , fill in some basic details online and we will send you an initial quote on the same day. 

Or call us on 01179 898 230 to talk through your requirements.

Our services include boiler installations, repairs, replacements, central heating installations and advice to improve your energy efficiency. Furthermore, we can also carry out gas safety inspections and issue landlord safety certificates.  

Arrange an Appointment

With this in mind, get in touch with us and we’ll arrange an appointment to see your home. 

Our base is in Bristol and we have many year’s worth of experience across various locations within the South West of England. We are a friendly, knowledgeable and professional company,  and look forward to working with you. 

An Engineer Will Visit for a Free Quotation

In the first place, one of our engineers will visit your home, assess the situation and give you a free quotation.  The quotation is based on the brand and type of boiler you would like installed and where it will be placed in your home. 

Our team of engineers are all gas safety registered. Removing a boiler can often leave behind hazardous materials, so we aim to ensure nothing is left behind and place safety at the front of everything we do. 

Decide on the Brand and Type of Boiler

Meanwhile, you need to decide on the type and brand of boiler you’d like in your home. We can help you with that. Having a like for like swap makes the change over easier and can also reduce costs. 

However, we can advise you on what will be best after we assess your home. For instance, perhaps your family has grown since you had your last boiler installed. Subsequently that will affect the amount of water you need to heat up. Some boilers are not designed for homes with excessive use. 

The brand you choose is also a factor to consider. At Greener Homes we are specialists in Worcester Bosch and recommend using them due to their warranty lengths and build quality. However, there are many market leading brands which we are also able to advise on. 

On the Day of Installation

You’re happy with your quote, you’ve selected a boiler type and have booked the engineer to come and install it. Here’s what will happen on the day. 

Your Engineer Will Turn Up

Your engineer will arrive with specialist tools and equipment.  To ensure your safety, you can check their GasSafe ID which carries a picture of your engineer and a date.  You have already discussed where the work will take place, with this in mind, the working area should be clear and accessible for the engineer. 

They Will Install the Boiler

If it’s a straightforward swap, for example, a new Combi for an old one, you can expect the engineer to be finished within the day. It’s worth bearing in mind that if it’s a much older boiler system and you’re changing the type of boiler, there may be some complications which will prolong the installation. At the end of the day, you’ll need to be around to have a run through of the boiler controls. 

They Will Give You All Relevant Documents for Your New Boiler

On completion, the engineer will give you all the documents you need for your new boiler. To comply with Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules, all Gas Safe businesses need to notify the local authorities whenever they install a new gas appliance.  You should receive a building regulations certificate as well as a completed Benchmark certificate to prove compliance. Consequently, if you don’t receive this documentation, you must query it. 

After the Installation

Book a Service

At Greener Homes we can offer a guarantee of up to 12 years warranty on our boilers. Therefore, you can book your annual service with us and we will help you to maintain your boiler. For landlords, an annual service is a legal necessity. For homeowners, it’s still a good idea to get a regular service to maintain your boiler. 

Look After Your Boiler

You can extend the longevity of your boiler by looking after it at home.  An annual service will make sure it is safe and continues to be efficient.  However, if you do discover any leaks, odd noises or problems with your heating system, you don’t have to wait until the annual service.

Call us straightaway at Greener Homes and we’ll help. 

To Conclude: What to Expect with a Boiler Installation with Greener Homes

To sum up, now you know what to expect with a boiler installation with Greener Homes, we hope you will choose us to fit your new boiler.  

We are a team of friendly and professional heating engineers who are happy to assist our customers with all their heating needs. Safety is one of our utmost concerns and all our staff are Gas Safe registered and fully trained to work professionally and safely. 

At Greener Homes, our aim is to ensure all our customers have the most cost efficient boilers possible and your heating system is functionally sound. Therefore giving you the customer peace of mind that your choice of boiler is the right one for your home.