Where Can I Get My Boiler Installation From?


During the winter, many people want to buy new heating systems for their homes. Some need to upgrade their existing systems. This is a good time to get a new boiler installation. Make sure you choose a boiler suited to your needs and get it installed by a professional so it operates well.

Things to Consider for Your Boiler Installation

When you hire a professional boiler installer, they will conduct a survey of your house. Then they will share their recommendations on the kind of boiler you should buy. Tell them about your heating requirements. Also, mention any future home improvement plans you might be considering. The discussion should cover the following questions –

a) Do you generally need hot water from many taps or showers at the same time?

b) Do your hot water requirements fluctuate a lot throughout the year? Do your friends and family visit often, and during holidays? This can lead to increased demand.

c) What kind of bathroom fittings and showers do you use? Do you have any taps or outlets that need water supply at high pressure?

d) Are you thinking about renovating your home or switching to solar panels anytime soon?

e) Incase you are upgrading, what are the problems you are facing with your current setup?

f) What are the top brands of boilers to consider?

A good engineer will also tell you how to clean and maintain each type of heating system. He or she will also be able to tell you about the cost to benefit ratios as well so you make an informed decision.

Why Should you Hire Professionals to Install a boiler?

Central heating systems are complex machinery and need expert handling. Proper boiler installation by a certified engineer will save you a lot of trouble. It will prevent breakdowns and repairs but also ensure your safety and security. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional to install a new boiler –

1. Experience and professionalism

Different types of boilers have different mechanisms and installation processes. They also need delicate handling. Professional heating engineers are well-versed with these things. They know what and how to do to ensure the boiler installation is proper, safe, and secure.

2. Proper tools and equipment

You cannot install a boiler with bare hands. The job requires special tools and equipment which you are unlikely to own. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should hire an expert for boiler installation. They are sure to have the necessary tools to do the job well, while you sit back and relax.

3. Safety

All boilers involve a mix of heat, electricity, and water. They can be a deadly combination if not handled safely. A boiler installed in an improper manner can be a hazard like no other to you and your family. You might end up making fatal mistakes if you try to do the job on your own. So it’s always prudent to call in experts for a boiler installation.

4. Warranty

All boilers come with a manufacturer’s warranty for help with problems that might occur after use. For the warranty to be valid, most companies will ask you to hire a professional boiler engineer. If you install it on your own and make a mistake in the process, the warranty won’t cover any damage caused. Then you will end up spending a lot to get it fixed.

5. Time-saving and cost-efficient

A professional will know how to install a particular boiler model. They will have the necessary tools. You will have to spend hours on the internet researching the best method to install a boiler. You will need to buy the required equipment and spend over a day struggling to get the new boiler up and running. In contrast, it will save you a lot of money, time, and hassles if you choose to go for a professional boiler installation.

To Conclude: Where Can I Get My Boiler Installation From?

This is where we, Greener Homes, enter the picture. We have a qualified team of Gas Safe engineers who are experts at boiler installations. If you live in or around Bristol, Taunton, Gloucester, or Bath, and are thinking about getting a new boiler, give us a call and we would be happy to help!