Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water?

Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water - by Greener Homes - Boiler Repair Bristol

As with most appliances within your home, if you notice leaking water this could cause some concern. However, there are a variety of reasons as to why my boiler is leaking water. Greener Homers are specialist heating engineers with many years worth of experience in the heating industry. In this article we will look at the reason why boilers may be leaking.

Is it dangerous for my boiler to be leaking water?

Naturally there are a few issues that come with having a faulty boiler. Mostly due to the damage in which it can do to your home. It is always advised if you think you have a leak to call a registered heating engineer who will be able to use their expertise to investigate the issue.

Common Causes

As mentioned at the start there are numerous reasons to why your boiler may be leaking. Some may be more obvious than others, however all will have a solution. The more common reasons you may find include the following:-


One of the most common reasons for leaking water is corrosion on the pipework. Most leaks will have this effect on the pipework, but luckily enough it is relatively easy to check. It will be a case of just looking around the boiler to spot it. One of the main issues with corrosion however if it is to spread elsewhere. Moving from one space to various other places as well as inside your boiler could be detrimental and may require replacement.

It is advisable if you think your pipework is corroding then you get a heating engineer out to have a look. They will be able to give an assessment to how far the corrosion has gone, and if there is any work that needs carrying out.

Boiler Pressure Too High

The pressure within your boiler can have an effect if there is water being leaked out. This will be coming from your pressure relief valve due to the boilers pressure being too high. To check if the pressure is too high go and have a look at your boilers pressure gauge. Most boilers will operate at maximum 1.4 bar. Anything above this will be far too high and may cause a leak. 

One of the quickest ways to relive this pressure will be to bleed your radiators. This will relieve a small amount of pressure. If you find you are still above the 1.4 bar limit then a call into a heating engineer is suggested.

Leaking Heating Pump

A heating pump leak is not one of the most common faults with your boiler and out of the list can be hard to detect if you are not familiar with how boiler systems work. If you find that your home boiler is quite old then this may occur. The seal around your heating pump can become loose over time. This can be down to a variety of reasons, however if not fixed water will continue to leak. 

Unfortunately there are no home remedies for this type of issue. A heating engineer will need to come inspect the pump and will then make suggestions on the best way to get it fixed. Be aware however tampering or trying to home fix this issue could void your warranty later on down the line.

Loose Pipework Joint

A loose pipework joint is one of the easiest to spot as well as takes the least amount of effort. This will tend to occur after many years of use and will usually be down to wear and tear. Hot water and cold water that travels through your system will sometimes cause the pipes to expand and relax which can sometimes leave loose parts. Also be mindful of corrosion, as this may play a part in why pipework joints are also loose.

As with a leaking heating pump it is advised to make sure that you do not fix this one at home. Doing so may void any warranty that you have, or even insurance. Ensure to get a heating engineer out to take a look, and they will best advise on how to proceed. 

Poor Installation 

Many of the installation issues on this article focus on faulty parts, however there may be occasions where you have had your boiler not installed correctly. Ensuring you use a registered and experienced heating engineer will save you time and money in the long run. 

At Greener Homes we have been working in the local area for many years and have a large amount of experience with a variety of solutions. For more information on our installation services please do Contact Us.

To Conclude

When it comes to exploring why my boiler is leaking water there are a number of reasons as to why this may be the case. Ensure that you get a heating engineer out to your home to give a detailed assessment of what is going on. This will help to avoid any further faults as well as keep your warranty intact.