Why You Should Choose A Worcester Bosch Boiler

Why You Should Choose A Worcester Bosch Boiler - by Greener Homes

When it comes to choosing a new boiler, most homeowners will want to ensure that they are getting excellent value for money. This is understandable, and the reason why we have partnered with Worcester Bosch as one of our main suppliers. In this article we will look at the reasons why you should choose a Worcester Bosch boiler. 

What’s Our Affiliation?

At Greener Homes we wanted to make sure that we partnered with the best in the industry. This means we embarked on becoming an accredited fitter, and built a great working relationship with the team at Worcester Bosch. This also means that our team is trained to give expert advice, and fit their systems correctly to all of our clients. 

The 5 Reasons 

Below you will see the 5 reasons why choosing a Worcester Bosch is the best brand to choose. Technological advances have meant this brand has developed an excellent industry name, as well as renowned for its service. Some of the reasons why you should choose their products include:-

  • Reliable and Best Reputation On The Market 

Worcester Bosch boilers are built to last, and have a great reputation in the market. Over the vast years they have been in the industry, they have gained the trust of homeowners. Which is very difficult to do. Their reputation has exceeded industry standards, which also usually seems them voted Which Best Buy, which is an accolade that is not easy to achieve. 

Overall, when fitting their equipment we do not encounter many issues, and if there is an issue it is very easy to fix. Our customers like them, and always have positive things to say about them. And for us if the customer is happy then so are we.

  • Suited To All Homes

The advancements in technology mean that it is possible for all home sizes to be fit with a Worcester Bosch Boiler. This has occurred due to space within new builds, developments and even older homes becoming less and less. Therefore a number of changes have been made to accommodate this.

As we fit boilers in a variety of commercial and residential locations, space is not always a luxury that everyone has. By ensuring that we can provide our customers with the best solution possible ensures we can always service the needs of our customers.

  • The Best Guarantee

Of all the boilers on the market, Worcester Bosch definitely ensures they have the best warranty. Most of their boilers come with a 10 year warranty, which will service the lifespan of your boiler. The one thing they do ask is that you have your boiler serviced regularly to ensure this warranty is kept valid. 

The warranty in which they offer does not only cover the boiler, but will also cover the filter and own controls as well. To ensure you have peace of mind, if anything was to need repairing you are covered.

  • Accredited Engineers 

Accredited engineers ensure that there is always a reliable professional on hand. The team at Greener Homes are all accredited professionals. This ensures that we have the working knowledge of these boiler systems within a variety of commercial and residential settings. 

This is something we are also very proud of at Greener Homes. An accredited engineer affiliation shows  that we are dedicated to our industry, and ensure that we are able to give expert advice on the products that we fit.

  • Parts Readily Available 

Unlike most manufacturers Worcester Bosch ensures that these parts are readily available in the UK. This is great for our customers that require repairs at very short notice. As a business this was a key consideration so we are able to service the needs of our clients anytime. 

On top of being able to source parts quickly, they are also relatively cheap to buy. This lowers costs when needing repairs, and also ensures that once your warranty has come to an end, any repairs are not going to cost outrageous sums of money.

To Conclude

When it comes to installing new boilers, we want to ensure that we add as much value as possible. Our 5 reasons why you should choose a Worcester Bosch Boiler are just some of the great ways their brand does this. At Greener Homes we are also committed to ensuring our customers are always cared for. If you are looking for a new boiler, or require any assistance then please do feel free to Contact Us.