Do I Need To Replace My Boiler?


A boiler is definitely one of the most used appliances used within your home, this means ensuring it works as it should be, as well as being reliable is very important. A new boiler will be able to do all these things, it is just a case of deciding if you are in a position where you need a boiler replacement to occur. At Greener Homes we are accredited heating engineers with a variety of experience in industry. In our latest article we take a look into the question of do I need to replace my boiler?

Why Do I Need To Replace My Boiler?

When it comes to why you need to replace your boiler this can be down to many reasons. Most will be down to the age of your old boiler and the cost of repairs being too much. A new boiler will sometimes work out cost effective if there is a chance that extensive repairs are needed. Alongside age, efficiency is going to be another reason. A less efficient boiler will cost more to run, which will be noticeable in your monthly bills. 

Whatever the reason may be, getting the advice of a registered heating engineer is always best. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action to what is going to be the most cost effective.

Why Does Boiler Replacement Entail?

Boiler replacement is the process of having a registered heating engineer come to your home and fit a new boiler system. The extent of the replacement will be dependent on if you find yourself needing a full system overhaul including a new tank, or if it is the just the main part of the boiler that needs replacing. Your engineer will be able to remove your old boiler, fit and install the new one as well as test to ensure all is working as it should be.

What Are The Benefits?

When it comes to having a new boiler installed there are a number of reasons as to why you may need to go down this avenue. Having a new boiler installed does have a number of benefits, most of which will definitely justify the cost implications associated. Some of the benefits associated with a new boiler include the following:- 

Helps Improve Efficiency 

Naturally a new boiler is going to be more efficient than an older one. A few years back there was a regulation brought in to ensure that all new boilers were running at 95% efficiency even as new. Having an efficient boiler does also mean a reduction in heating costs. By being able to heat your home more effectively your boiler definitely does not need to work as hard as before. Keeping your boiler efficient is achieved by ensuring boiler servicing and maintenance is carried out regularly.

Cost Effective 

This may seem counter productive due to the fact it costs money to have a new boiler installed. However, all new boilers come with a warranty which helps to reduce repair fees if anything is to go wrong. This is why a new boiler is more cost effective. It also enables you to have less of a focus on repairs and just focus on maintenance to ensure all is running as it should be.

Space Saver

If you have an older boiler and decide to have a new one fitted chances are it is going to be a lot smaller. With advances in technology most boilers now fit into a smaller and more confined space. Meaning you may find that you end up having some extra room for storage. 

Upgrade To A Combi Boiler

If you are looking for a complete system overhaul then you may move to a combi boiler. A combi boiler is designed to deliver hot water and heat to your home. Without the need for a large storage tank, combi boilers are great for those looking for a space saving boiler solution.

To Conclude

Having a boiler replaced is an easy task but one that takes consideration. Answering the question of do I need to replace my boiler is one that needs some advice from a registered heating engineer. They will be able to give you a better understanding of the cost implications for repairs versus the cost of having something new installed. At Greener Homes we are specialist heating engineers with a vast array of experience. For more information on our services please feel free to Contact Us.