What Is Solar Water Heating?


With such an emphasis on zero carbon emissions across the UK, the rise in alternative heating methods has become very popular. More and more homes are being fitted with them during their build. As well as many home owners having them fitted themselves to take full advantage of their benefits. In our latest article Greener Homes explores what is solar water heating and how it can benefit your home.

How Does It Work?

A solar water heating system or as it is also known ‘solar thermal’ system, uses the heat from the sun to heat the water used within your home. By having a solar water heating tank within your home, this then stores the water so it is then delivered where it is needed. The tank also acts as a way to make the water hotter or to provide water when there is a reduction in solar energy.

What Are The Benefits?

As with anything new it is good to understand the benefits which are attached. With such an emphasis on alternative heating methods it is important that those who are investing in something new understand some of the reasons why it is going to help them. Below are some of the reasons why solar water heating may be beneficial to your home.

Hot Water All Year Round 

It is a given but hot water all year round is a must for all homes. Solar water heating does provide homes with a constant flow of hot water all year round. Most will need to further heat the water in their immersion tank during the winter months due to a reduction in sunlight and also outside temperature.

Reduced Energy Bills 

One of the biggest benefits to looking at alternative heating methods is that they can help reduce the energy bills.The heat that is used from the sun is free, and this is translated into your home to heat up the water in which you require. This reduces and limits the electricity usage in which you have been using previously.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The use of solar power has always been touted as the best renewable energy system. By reducing the burning of fuels within your home, you are lowering your carbon footprint. With a government announcement a few years back that we are going to reduce carbon emissions now is the time to get ahead of the trend.

Is It Right For My Home?

Deciding whether or not solar water heating is going to be right for your home is going to be down to a variety of consideration points. It is key to look at these points as they are going to help make the decision of what you should do. These consideration points include the following:-

Do You Have Space For Solar Panels?

Most roofs will have space for a solar panel but this is more related to does your house face the right way to catch the sun. The solar panels rely heavily on the sun’s rays in order to power everything. Without this, you will not see the full benefit. If you find yourself without that space then there is also a way in which you can mount the panels onto a flat wall which will give greater exposure. 

Do You Have Space For A Hot Water Cylinder?

If you do not have a dedicated solar cylinder within your home then you are going to need to do one of the two things. The first will be to have one installed alongside your current cylinder. As this will work as part of the system. Or, have your older cylinder replaced. This is sometimes the best option if you are not in a position to have two installed. 

Is Your Current Boiler Compatible With Solar Water Heating?

Most conventional boiler and hot water cylinder systems are compatible with solar water heating. If you have a combi boiler on the other hand and do not have a water tank, then a solar hot water system may not be compatible. For more information speak with a registered heating engineer.

To Conclude

Now you understand what is solar water heating you can make more of an informed decision if it is going to be beneficial for your home. With such a rise in alternative heating methods, it is key to understand what the long term benefits may be. As undoubtedly in years to come more and more homes will be fitted with them. At Greener Homes we are specialist heating engineers. For more information on looking for a new boiler, or on our services please do Contact Us.