Everything You Need To Know About The Worcester Bosch 30i


Are you considering the Worcester Bosch 30i as your next combination boiler? Let’s take a closer look at why this boiler is so popular with homeowners all over the UK. And everything you need to know about the Worcester Bosch 30i.

The 30i is a trendy choice for homeowners and is a suitable replacement for the 28i Junior. It is even better, more energy-efficient, more powerful, and provides a better flow to the faucet. And it’s no wonder that many of our customers choose this fantastic Worcester Bosch Which? Best Buy boiler because of its excellent warranty and other benefits.

Suitable for the Average Family

The Worcester Bosch 30i has a heating capacity of 24kw and is ideal for heating an average house with 2-3 bedrooms. It produces 30kw of hot water, and supplies 12.3 liters of water per minute to the tap. It’s excellent for running a bath or high-pressure shower, but both cannot be used simultaneously.

Excellent Controls

The Worcester Bosch 30i has a standard control panel with all the usual boiler controls for shutting down the boiler and reducing output. The simplicity of the 30i’s control panel makes it easier for engineers to diagnose boiler problems over the phone, significantly reducing call out costs. The boiler’s structure is also relatively simple, making it much easier to replace and search for spare parts.

Worcester Bosch offers a wide variety of controls, from smart to mechanical. In addition to the control panel, you can use the smart thermostat to control all heating and hot water management from the smartphone app.

Great Energy Efficiency

The 30i replaced the old 28i Junior and confirmed that the brand was renewed with the new ERP Directive, first introduced on September 26, 2015. As a result, it is energy efficient (ERP rating “A”) and meets all the latest standards and requirements. In other words, carbon emissions are low.

Wall Hung

Measured 400mm x 700mm x 330mm, this is a wall-mounted boiler that looks comfortable inside kitchen walls and cupboards but not compact enough for standard kitchen cabinets.

It can be flued vertically or horizontally

This boiler can be oriented vertically or horizontally. This gives you several more options when choosing a new boiler location.


All Bosch Worcester boiler models in the Greenstar series come with a 10-year free standard warranty for peace of mind. Worcester Bosch offers an extended warranty if a Worcester certified installer installs the boiler.

No More Frozen Condensate Pumps

One of the major problems with almost all boilers is the freezing of condensate pumps and pipes.

Worcester has upgraded the boiler to include Siphon CondenseSure technology to address this issue. And you will see the double-edged benefit.

Advice From an Experienced Engineer

Are you thinking of investing in the Greenstar 30i? It’s a great choice, and you won’t first think it’s the best choice for your home! However, consult a Worcester Bosch certified engineer before making a purchase. You can measure your home’s heat loss and water demand, so you are 100% sure that you have the right boiler for your home. 

The best thing about going to a Bosch certified Worcester installer is that they have the most knowledge and expertise. They will gladly answer your question and give you great tips and tricks!

The Worcester Bosch 30i At a Glance

Heating output: 24kw

Hot water output: 30kw (12.3 litres/minute)

Ideal for: A 2–3 bedroom apartment or home. This excellent boiler will fill a bath and can run a high-pressure shower (just one limitation is that they are not on at the same time).

ERP rating: A

To Conclude: Everything You Need To Know About The Worcester Bosch 30i

At Greener Homes , we have a team of professional heating engineers with extensive industry knowledge. The Worcester Bosch 30i is the most popular boiler we install.

There are many reasons that people choose the Worcester Bosch boiler over other brands. Many of the reasons are discussed throughout the article, including it being more energy efficient and being ideal for a 2-3 bed home.

Feel free to contact us for more details and any queries regarding fitting a new boiler.