When Should You Get a Gas Safety Check for Your Home?


Ensuring that your home is safe is important. It is essential to understand why getting a gas safety check for your home is crucial. If you are being careless with gas appliances, this could lead to many hazards. This carelessness may harm your family and neighbours. In this article we discuss when you should get a gas safety check for your home.

What Dangers are There From Gas Appliances?

Any gas appliances in your home can create carbon monoxide (CO). A profoundly toxic gas which happens when flammable gas or fluid oil gas (LPG) doesn’t consume as it should. This is the after effect of a gas appliance being in an inappropriate arrangement, or when vents, pipes or chimneys get cut off.

And that is the reason, it’s so critical to have the entirety of your gas appliances checked once every year by a Gas Safe expert engineer.

The Three Dangers

These are the three main dangers from having a dangerous gas appliance in your home:

1. Gas leak– A gas leak can cause flames or blasts. If you smell gas, at that point you’ll have to call your gas supplier right away. You can read more here on what to do if you smell gas.

During a gas safety check, a Gas Safety expert will do a visual review of pipework. They will also carry out a snugness test to confirm there aren’t any gas leaks.

2. Fires and blasts – Safe appliances consume gas in a controlled manner. Yet a defective appliance or pipework may leak gas. Which could then be lit, causing a fire or blast.

3. Carbon monoxide poisoning– Carbon monoxide (CO) is an exceptionally toxic gas. This gas can notably cause many harmful incidents since you can’t see, taste or smell it.

Make sure you know the signs to look out for, you can see them here.

We likewise enthusiastically suggest you to have a check on your gas pipework simultaneously with your yearly gas safety check.

We know due to daily life activities and fast-moving life. There might be difficulty in taking out time for the gas safety check for your home. However, you need to make this check your priority. Now, let’s understand in a detailed manner ‘What Exactly Is a Gas Safety Check’?

What is a Gas Safety Check

A gas safety check should be performed by a Gas Safe enlisted engineer. He/she will test your gas appliances to ensure they are safe to keep using in your home.

What the Check Guarantees: 

  • whether the appliance suits the arrangement, so the gas being consuming is effective
  • The appliance is reasonable for the room it’s in
  • Is truly steady, with safe arrangement and associated correctly with the gas pipework

Your Engineer Will Ensure:

  • There’s a satisfactory and perpetual air flow that is appropriate for the known appliance
  • All security gadgets are working appropriately
  • Any pipes, stacks and air vents are working accurately

How Often Should You Get a Gas Safety Check for Your Home?

It would be best if you guarantee that you carry out a gas safety check each year on each gas appliance. This will highlight any issues that need rectifying before they become harmful. The main appliance you should be getting checked is your boiler, as this heats your home and your hot water.

If you are in a rental situation, your landlord should arrange to have your gas safety check for your home once every 12 months. It is the law for your landlord to arrange the check. You can read more about this here.

Make Sure You Know the Warning Signs

Look out for these signs. And if you look at such incidences with your gas appliance, you should immediately get a gas safety check:

  • If your machine isn’t working properly
  • The device delivers a floppy yellow fire as opposed to a fresh blue one
  • Dark/earthy coloured blemishes on the appliance
  • The heater pilot light props up out

To Conclude: When Should You Get a Gas Safety Check for Your Home?

The importance of looking after your gas appliances is high. If you do suffer a gas leak in your home, this could lead to a catastrophic outcome. It is vital you get a gas safety check once a year.

If you are looking for a Gas Safe Engineer to carry out your annual Gas Safety Check, then we can help. All of our engineers at Greener Homes are qualified to carry out your gas check. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you!