Gas Boiler Installation: Leave it to the Professionals

For many people, your heating and hot water is a large monthly expense. However, lots of homeowners are spending a small fortune by not installing an energy-efficient heating system. A gas boiler not only enables you to save your money on energy bills but also helps the environment. At Greener Homes, we have many years of experience in offering the best gas boiler installation service in Bristol, Taunton, Gloucester and Bath.

What are the Types of Boilers?

There are three types of boilers. These are combi, heat only and system boilers. Each type of boiler has dedicated needs and functional capabilities. To get the best boiler that is suitable for your requirements you should contact a team of experts to help you decide the best boiler for your home. The wrong selection can increase your energy bills so it is vital that you choose the best and suitable boiler for your needs.

Why Should You Leave Boiler Installation to the Professionals?

Quality and Reliable Work

Choosing your new gas boiler is just as important as ensuring you have a reliable installer to install your new boiler. You need to ensure that you have a certified and experienced installer install your boiler. However, they may have higher prices as they are more experienced. Though this will reassure you that you have a reliable and quality installation.

A Heating Audit is Essential

A professional gas boiler installer must follow the required steps to make the installation task successful. While installing it, the heating audit is essential. This audit enables you to analyse the amount of heat required for your heating needs. Experts do this analysis by considering the temperature of the area and volume of existing heat. With this analysis, they assist you in getting the best boiler that fits your needs.

Expert boiler servicing companies also do some technical analysis:

  • The efficiency of the heating unit must be at least 90%.
  • Determine the total area that requires heating.
  • The volume of heat required for the selected area.

Certified and Registered Professionals

In the UK to provide gas servicing, you should be a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. These are the professionals who maintain the standards and rules set by the authorities in the UK. Connecting with professionals is beneficial in terms of a quality boiler installation.

Save Your Time

People who live in colder areas can’t live without boilers and heating systems. Hot water is essential for them for different tasks such as taking a bath, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, and much more. However, just purchasing a boiler is not sufficient until it is not installed by expert installers. For the best in boiler servicing, you must contact the credible and renowned Gas boiler installation experts.  

What if Your Gas boiler is Not Installed Properly?

Not having your boiler installed correctly is dangerous for your health and life. To ensure you are not put in danger, it is ideal to hire a professional boiler installation expert.

At Greener Homes, we have years of experience and expertise in installing boilers properly. Please Contact Us to know more about our boiler installation services in Bristol.