Is Boiler Servicing Crucial Each Year?


All of us are accustomed to the comfort of taking hot water showers and in keeping our house warm. Boilers are one among the most used appliances in our homes. We continuously take care of everyone in our family in the same way we should show concern towards boilers by servicing it. At Greener Homes, we are heating specialists with a vast amount of experience within the industry. In this article, let’s find out the necessity of boiler servicing.

Boiler servicing is crucial not only for the immediate benefits it holds in the form of savings, safety and increased efficiency. But also to ensure that there are no disturbances in our day to day comforts.

Now let’s talk about the significant benefits from annual boiler servicing.

1. Identifying the Fundamental Problems

Every product over its lifetime goes through the process of natural wear and tear, which finally leads to its breakdown. Therefore servicing would help you fight this. At each service, the heating engineer would thoroughly check and inspect the pipes. Also, they will check the interiors of the boiler. This helps in identifying the key issues which are blocking the performance of the boiler and tarnishing its efficiency.

2. Savings

Boiler servicing plays a vital role in saving our hard-earned cash. A well-maintained boiler contributes to saving money. The significant advantage of servicing the boiler regularly is ensuring you don’t have to replace the boiler. A well-maintained boiler would eliminate the necessity of having a replacement. It also increases the fuel efficiency which leads to less usage of fuel and reducing your energy consumption.

3. Makes our Life More Comfortable

When a boiler service is regularly done; it not only eliminates the replacement cost and high fuel usage but also saves or protects us from the harmful carbon monoxide gas. It also gives us the cover of comfortable room temperatures and hot water showers.

4. Health and Safety

Having a regular servicing of your boiler is vital. Because a boiler with inadequate maintenance or leaking pipes can lead to the emission of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and is extremely dangerous. Especially for young children and older adults in particular. As per the stats shown on Statista. 17% of carbon monoxide poisoning deaths occur between people aged 71 to 80 years old. According to the Department of health 4000 people go to an A&E every year with carbon monoxide poison. So the best way to escape from this slow poison and to ensure that you are safe is getting your boiler serviced every year.

5. Warranty

Many manufacturers do not keep the warranty valid if boiler servicing was not regular. Having a questionable warranty will expose you to all sorts of threats and risks of a poorly maintained boiler, as the emission and exposure of the toxic carbon monoxide, the replacement cost of the boiler, high fuel usage, etc.

6. Legality

If you are a landlord, it is compulsory to conduct gas safety inspections every year. So you must get a gas safety certificate for all the appliances that run on gas, including the boiler.

Getting Your Boiler Serviced Each Year

Boiler servicing is crucial, vital and very useful. When you want to make sure that there is no threat to our day to day comforts. And save your hard-earned money from the high replacement cost and fuel costs. Then boiler servicing is your only answer for these questions. And it protects you and your family from the poisonous life taking carbon monoxide gas. 

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