Gas vs Electric Central Heating

gas vs electric central heating

The debate which comes up time and time again is one of do I choose Gas or Electric central heating. There are many pro’s and con’s to both in actual fact, so we have comprised a bit of a tell all sheet about things to consider when selecting either Gas or Electric for your home. As specialist heating engineers, we have also put in some of our thoughts on what we have advised customers in the past dependent on their situation.

Gas Central Heating- Pro’s and Con’s

So you are considering a Gas central heating system. Great! You may have seen a gas system being referred to as a ‘wet system’. This is because the gas boiler heats up the water in your home to provide central heating through radiators. Now, obviously you needed to be connected to the gas network to have one of these types of boilers, so that is the first thing to tick off of your list.

As with many things, there is an extensive list of pros and cons which are associated with gas central heating systems. Instead of them being extensive in this case, we have narrowed them down to the most important ones for you to look at.



Now some say a gas central heating system is not efficient. Well unfortunately they are mistaken. Now, a modern gas boiler is up to and sometimes exceeds 90% more efficient than older boilers. Meaning a greater return on every unity of energy.

Easy to Replace

Replacing an older gas boiler with a modern one is very straightforward in fact. This is due to having the infrastructure already in place to fit.

Quick to heat home

As the burner produces maximum heat from the moment it is switched on, a gas system can heat your home quicker. This would mean not having to potentially have your heating on for prolonged periods of time. Therefore saving money.


A Yearly Service

A hindrance to some, however a gas boiler needs to be serviced once a year
in order to maintain its running. As well as to make sure it is safe to be in your home.

Installation from scratch- ​Having a gas boiler system installed from scratch can be costly and time consuming. Especially if your home is not connected to the gas network.

Electric Central Heating- Pro’s and Con’s

So you are considering an electric central heating system. Great! Now in terms of electric systems they are very easy to install. Especially if you are not connected to the gas network. When having an electric system fitted it is relatively simple as the storage heaters for all the rooms require less parts.

The pro’s and con’s to an electric heating system are definitely something to consider before installing one in your home. This is because they differ quite a bit from Gas. Some of the main areas to consider are as follows:-


Upfront cost

To have an Electric central heating system installed is a relative small outlay. However the savings you enjoy upfront, are only beneficial if you live in a place where you do not need the heating very often.

Easy Installation

​As it utilises the electricity supply to your home, and electrical system is a relatively easy and stress free installation.


​Unlike gas, an electrical system does not need to be serviced yearly so is relatively easy to maintain and keep working.


Higher Overall Cost

While some electric heating systems boast nearly 100% efficiency levels, the overall rising cost of electricity makes it a costly option. Especially if you live in a climate where you need to utilise your heating more often.

Slower Heating

​Unlike Gas, an electric system takes longer to warm up as its process is to work from 0%-100%. Where gas is turned on it is already at 100% ready to heat your home.

The Comparison

So having read through the pro’s and con’s of both a gas and electric heating system, you have started to get a better understanding of which may be better for your home. However to compare the two further, we have focused on two crucial points all homeowners will look at.

Cost & Efficiency

The cost associated with both in relative terms is not a cheap expense. This is why you need to consider what is going to be the most cost effective in the long term. Yes, having an electric system is cheaper in the initial start up. This is because they utilise your electricity supply to install the storage heaters. However, a gas system in the long run is going to be most cost effective. This is because of its efficiency rate. A gas system will instantly begin to heat your home, whereas an electric system will take longer. Also, with the rising cost of electricity, having your heating on for long periods of time with an electric heating system could in some cases cost around 30% more per month.

Maintenance & Repair

Alongside initial costs, are the longer term associated costs. Yes, it cannot be denied that an electric heating system is less maintenance. However when you look at the cost associated with monthly bills, spending £100 a year on service for your gas central heating system still puts gas as a more cost effective option long term. A yearly service is definitely advised, as this will maintain your boiler for longer.

To Summaris​e

In comparison both Gas and Electric heating systems are very beneficial. However, due to the UK climate a Gas Central Heating system would be the most cost effective and efficient for your home. This is due to a lower cost per unit of energy that is used to heat your home.Maintenance of a gas system is also very low with only one service per year needed, and has a potential longer lifespan than its electric alternative.

If you would like more information on how Greener Homes are able to assist with your heating installations, or servicing then get in contact!