When should I buy a new boiler?

when to buy a new boiler

We know the process of choosing a new boiler can be difficult enough with costs, who to trust to complete the work, and even more so the time it takes for the work to be completed. With all this aside however, when should you actually consider changing your boiler. We have come up with some tell tale signs of what to look out for.

Things to look out for

Now a lot of people think that replacing a boiler is down to its age. Unfortunately in this instance, age is just a number. The key to making sure that your boiler lasts for years, is to make sure it’s serviced and maintained. The easiest way to describe it, every car needs a service and MOT. Well a boiler is the same.

However sometimes there are some tell tale signs that your boiler may need replacing. Some of these may be the following:-

Frequent Breakdowns

A yearly service, no bother. Most boilers will need to be serviced yearly to ensure they are running correctly. However if you find yourself calling out a Gas Safe Engineer more than once a year there could be an underlying issue. An engineer will be able to advise on the best course of action. Be that new parts or a whole new system.

Bills are becoming more expensive

The one everyone dreads. If you notice your usage is the same, but your bills are increasing then it’s worth doing two things. Firstly, call your provider. See if they can tell you your usage, and tell you what plan you are on. Could be a way to save some money! Secondly, call out a Gas Safe Engineer. If your boiler hasn’t been serviced in a while, get them to carry out a service to see if there are any issues.


No one likes noise, and no one likes a noisy boiler. Now in this case, pay attention to the radiators as well. If they are also noisy when you switch your heating on, there could also be an issue somewhere in the system. Noises to listen out for are humming, bangining or even vibrating. All can show potential faults.

Blue flame turns Yellow

Very simple, if the blue flame in your boiler turns yellow or orange colour, call a Gas Safe Engineer. Your boiler is definitely in need of immediate service, and during this an engineer will be able to explain if there are any underlying issues.


The big one, if you smell gas, or anything sulphurous turn off your boiler and call the emergency gas line. Any form of smell similar to what we alluded to could be a sign of a gas leak, and is very serious. If you do have a gas leak, an engineer may be able to replace parts on your boiler, but also could mean a whole new system is needed.


Not gas leaks, but water leaks. Your boiler should never leak water. If it does, then it is more than likely an internal component that needs replacing. Call an engineer to come and take a look.

No replacement parts

As time moves on companies replace their models with new and improved ones. Therefore if your boiler is potentially 5+ years old, it may become harder to get the parts needed to fix. Some parts can be costly, and actually equate to not far off the cost of a new boiler.

Not as efficient

Very much linked to the increase in the monthly bill you receive. If your boiler is no longer as efficient as it once was, it will be costing you more per month to heat your home. Considering a new boiler could increase efficiency by over 50%, you will definitely notice the difference in monthly costs across the year.

Process of Choosing a New Boiler

The process of choosing a new boiler can be nothing short of a headache, trust us, we know! That’s why we have tried to make it as easy as possible. At Greener Homes, we have built an online quoting tool, so the beginning stages are already done for us. With some very basic information, we can build an initial quote.

Also, we have specialised in only installing Worcester Bosch Group boilers. As an accredited installation partner, we are able to advise on what is going to be best suited to your home, as well as what is the most cost effective. Our certified engineers are always on hand to support in any way that we can.

The cost

The cost element is more than likely the stumbling block to you going ahead with a new boiler system. However, what we have done is partner with a leading UK home finance provider so all of our customers are able to have access to what they need.
Finance is something new for us here at Greener Homes, however has helped a number of our clients. Once we have completed your quote, we are able to pass you on to Novuna, who will be best suited to talk you through payment options.

As with all finance, please note that there is a set criteria which you need to meet in order to be accepted.

Services we offer

As you may have read previously, sometimes a good service and maintenance piece is required to make sure you keep your boiler efficient. We are able to do that and more. Some of the services we offer are:-

  • Boiler Installations
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Boiler Replacements
  • Boiler Servicing
  • Central Heating Installations
  • Energy Efficient Advice
  • Gas Safety Inspections
    Landlord Safety Certificates

To Summarise

There are a number of tell tale signs that you may need to have your boiler replaced. However, at Greener Homes we best advise you on what is also the most cost effective method. Our Heating Engineers are trained to the highest standards to be able to give friendly and accurate advice to our customers.

If you feel you may need your boiler replacing, or even would like us to service your existing system please feel to get in contact now