How To Choose The Right Boiler


Choosing the right boiler for your home is based on a number of factors. But what is important, is making sure that you do have the right boiler to cope with your household demands. At Greener Homes we are experienced in advising and installing many different types of boilers. However, in this article we will look at how to choose the right boiler for your home.

Factors That Decide Your Decision 

As we mentioned at the start, your household and the demands placed on the boiler will have an impact on what is going to be best. By having the right boiler it will be able to heat your home effectively, and ultimately limit the waste in which it produces. Other than efficiency you will also need to consider the following:

Type of Boiler 

The type of boiler you have within your home is decided by a few factors. Firstly will be your existing system. Having a like for like swap makes the change over easier, and can also reduce costs. If you are looking for a different model to what you had previously then the infrastructure may not be in place. However, we can advise you on what will be best once we have visited your home.

Alongside that you also need to consider its use. Some boilers are not designed for homes with excessive use, or potentially the outlets it is going to be covering. So overall, your type of boiler is determined by its use.

Choosing the Brand

The brand you choose is also a factor to consider. As we are specialists in Worcester Bosch we recommend using them due to their warranty lengths, and also build quality. However there are also many market leading brands which we are also able to advise on. 

Size and Dimensions 

The size of the space in which you have to fit your new boiler also needs to be considered. Our heating engineers can look to move that location, however this can sometimes mean that our installation time frame is longer. Boilers are getting smaller due to technology advances, however the size will also be dependent on what boiler you require.


Price is a major consideration for most due to the initial outlay of costs required. At Greener Homes we have made this more accessible due to our financing option. You can find out more about this by going through to our quote page.Price does not always determine quality, but our engineers are always on hand to help.

What Are The Types Of Boilers 

There are many boiler types within the industry, and how to choose the right boiler can sometimes be difficult. However, as a Worcester Bosch approved installer we specialise in that brand, and have worked with them for many years. Our affiliation with them means we are experts in their range, and can recommend what is going to be best for your home. 

By law every new boiler which includes any of the ones below needs to be a condensing boiler. A condensing boiler is made up of a large heat exchanger and uses the latent heat as fuel. By having a condensing boiler installed in your home you are able to create around 90% more efficiency meaning you have a very green heating solution. The three main types of condensing boilers are as follows:

Combi Boiler 

A combination boiler heats water via an integral heat exchanger which is connected directly from the cold mains. Therefore providing instantaneous hot water. This is where a combi boiler differs from a traditional system as there is no need for it to store hot water. The great thing about this boiler system as well, is that it is all through a single unit which is usually wall hung.

A combi boiler is great for creating space especially when replacing old hot water tanks. Many of our customers have also selected combi boilers due to their low maintenance costs. Worcester Bosch has a great range of combi boilers all of which come with an extensive manufacturer warranty. And not to forget, there are no long wait times for hot water.

Conventional Boiler

A conventional boiler is also known as a traditional boiler. They consist of a cylinder and also a water storage tank. These boilers are not the best if space is not on your side, however they are great for multiple occupancy homes due to their capacity to generate more heat. As with system boilers they can also work well with solar heating systems, so if you are looking for a greener home then this may be the perfection option.

System Boiler 

Like a regular boiler, system boilers work with a hot water cylinder. The system is not open vented which means there are no tanks in the loft, and all the components are integrated into the boiler itself. The system boiler is very much suited to homes that have a high hot water demand i.e. lots of showers or the need to have multiple outlets at once. 

To Conclude 

As you can see how to choose the right boiler takes some consideration, and there are many factors which can influence that decision. The team at Greener Homes however are vastly experienced within installing various boiler types into our customers homes. If you are not sure on what boiler you need, then please do feel free to get in contact.