Boiler Service and Maintenance in Bath

Boiler Service Bath

The winter months may be coming to an end but that does not mean boiler maintenance should. Most households think that because the months of persistent boiler use is over, that they should not leave it as a forgotten household item. Unfortunately for our clients who require boiler service and maintenance in Bath, this is not the case.

About Us

Greener homes is a local boiler and heating engineer business with many years of experience fitting and supplying a variety of solutions. Along this time we have become Worcester Bosch approved suppliers, and also identified what our customers are looking for. 

This is why we have put together three easy to follow, and also competitive monthly maintenance packages. Our packages are tailored to what we feel our customers may require, and also by making them monthly repayments they are more affordable.

GH1 Plan- £7 Per Month 

  • Annual Boiler Service 
  • Central Heating Inspection 

GH2 Plan – £13 Per Month

  • Annual Boiler Service 
  • Central Heating Inspection 
  • Boiler Repairs 
  • Boiler Flue up to length of one metre 
  • Boiler controls including programmer, thermostats, zone valves and heating pump

GH3 Plan- £19.00 Per Month

  • Annual Boiler Service 
  • Central Heating Inspection 
  • Boiler Repairs 
  • Boiler Flue up to length of one metre 
  • Boiler controls including programmer, thermostats, zone valves and heating pump
  • Repairs to heating and hot water system 
  • Expansion tank, radiator valves, radiators and automotive air vents 
  • Cylinder and Immersion Heater
  • Central Heating Pipes

Please do also note we have some set terms and conditions that fit with the above plans.

  • All plans are subject to a minimum 12 month contract 
  • Plans are only available on boilers fitted by Greener Homes
  • Other boilers may be considered upon inspection from one of the team

Why do I need boiler servicing and maintenance?

Once you have had a new boiler fitted, or even if you have not, the maintenance and servicing side is so important. This is through a variety of reasons which we will discuss later on in this blog. Now for our customers who looking for boiler service and maintenance in Bath we have seen an increase in those who take up one of our plans for the following reason:-


Possibly the number one thing on most people’s mind is how efficient my boiler is. This is largely due to the link it has with money. When a boiler goes through an extensive service it allows parts to be tested and changed if needed. 

When a boiler is first installed it will be running at near enough if not on 100%. Over time with use this efficiency level can drop meaning you see an increase in monthly expenditure. By utilising boiler service and maintenance schemes in Bath you are able to ensure maximum efficency during your boilers lifespan.

Fewer Breakdowns 

Maintaining your boiler and ensuring it is serviced is no different to having a car. A car requires a service to ensure it runs correctly, and so does a boiler. A regular service can help to ensure that all parts are running correctly, it is more efficient and also is safe to be in your home. 


Within your home safety is always going to be paramount. A boiler will burn natural gas in order to generate its heat, so there is a slim chance it could produce carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide can be dangerous to people in close proximity as well documented in many news articles. 

If you have your boiler serviced regularly you will find that a heating engineer can check to see if there are any potential faults with the boiler which could be damaging to your safety.

Keeps your warranty valid 

As mentioned above we are Worcester Bosch registered installers. With all of their products you need to ensure that a service is carried out regularly to maintain your warranty. Without your warrant you may find you become liable to pay for expensive repairs if anything was to go wrong.

To Conclude

As you can see from above the importance of boiler servicing and maintenance really does help to keep your boiler in best condition. By utilising our monthly payment plans our customers who we work with across the local area have seen their efficiency stay relatively stable throughout their journey with us. 

Boiler service and maintenance in Bath is becoming more and more popular with us seeing a growing customer base. We pride ourselves on our excellent levels of customer service, knowledge of the local market as well as the products which we install. 

If you want more information on our bespoke plans then take a look at our website. Boiler Service and Maintenance