The Importance of Using a Gas Safe Engineer


Laws in the UK make it compulsory for the Gas Safe Register to endorse all gas engineers. An engineer can install and service gas appliances like boilers, gas cookers, and fires if they are on the Gas Safe Register. We can’t stress enough on the importance of using a gas safe engineer for any gas work needed.

Gas appliances installed, serviced, or repaired by a qualified engineer are safe. It is risky when you do not use a gas safe engineer or try to do the work yourself. You can put yourself and your family at risk of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

What does the Gas Safe Register do?

The Gas Safe Register is the UK’s official list of businesses and engineers to work on gas appliances. Those on the list are trained and qualified. There are around 120,000 Gas Safe registered engineers in the UK at present.

However, maintaining the register is not the only thing they do. They promote safe professional practices within the gas industry in the UK. They also investigate cases of unsafe gas practices. This includes mishaps, non-compliance, and illegal operations. They also conduct awareness campaigns about the importance of gas safety.

How to Check They are Gas Safe Registered

Research has found that illegal and unqualified engineers do over 1 million gas works every year. This is why you must always check the credentials of a gas engineer.

Verified engineers always carry a Gas Safe card and will show it to you without any hiccups. Ask for the card even if you have checked the engineer’s credentials on the Gas Safe Register’s website. If an engineer cannot produce their ID card, postpone the work till they can make it available.

What to Look Out for When They are Gas Safe Registered

A gas services company might carry the Gas Safe Register logo on their website or their vehicles. This does not mean their engineers are listed on the Gas Safe Register. While checking an engineer’s ID card, make sure to look at both sides and watch out for the following details:

1) Match the engineer’s face to the photograph on the card

2) Check the issue and expiry dates on the card and make sure it is valid

3) Look for the license number on the card. Cross-check it against the one mentioned on the Gas Safe Register website

4) Make sure the card carries the Gas Safe security hologram

5) Also ensure that the engineer indeed works for the business you have hired

6) Check the back of the card to see whether the engineer can carry out the particular gas work you need to get done.

There is a further list of what to check for on the Gas Safe website here.

Why use a Gas Safe Engineer?

Gasworks is not where you should be looking to save money by cutting corners or opting to do it yourself. Not hiring a qualified engineer to do the job could be fatal in this case. This means the importance of using a gas safe engineer is high.

Some of the key reasons to hire a Gas Safe engineer are:

a) Having Training matters

Engineers cannot get listed on the Gas Safe Register by paying a fee. They have to undergo specialised training before their endorsement.

A valid ID card with the Gas Safe logo is proof that an engineer has undergone the necessary training and qualifies to do the job.

b) The Safety of You and Your Family

Hiring someone unqualified to do gas work can put you and your loved ones at risk. A leaky or improper fitted gas appliance can lead to a fire or cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Gas Safe registration is a promise that the engineer is fit for the job. And ensures the safety of you and your loved ones.

c) Legal and Insurance Validity

It is illegal to hire an unauthorised gas engineer. For example, if you hire an unqualified engineer for gas work and something goes wrong, your insurance provider can declare your policy invalid.

To Conclude: The Importance of Using a Gas Safe Engineer

The risks of hiring an unregistered engineer is not worth the money you save. If you want to hire a Gas Safe register, look no further. All our engineers at Greener Homes are qualified to do all kinds of gas works.

If you live in and around Bristol, Taunton, Gloucester, and Bath, give us a call and we will be happy to help you!