Keeping warm in colder weather

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With us now deep into the Winter months the heating is most definitely turned on for the majority of the day, and the home being the warmest place for all of us. However, with the heating being turned on means an increase in energy usage leading to higher bills and costs. To ease that burden slightly, we have put together a list of some key things to keep your home efficient to keep warm this winter.

Use tin foil

No this does not mean wrap yourself in tin foil (no matter how fun this may seem). But using tin foil on the back of your radiators can help to trap the heat they generate. This can be particularly useful on an external wall. This is due to the amount of heat which is lost through the walls. You can use a good standard of kitchen foil, or some companies sell already cut out foil which is specifically designed for this reason.

Close the curtains, well during the night anyway!

Not just for keeping the light out, but also keeping the heat in. All houses will lose an element of heat through their windows, so keeping the curtains closed can limit this. Heavier and thicker curtains are preferred. However, allow sunlight into the rooms during the day. The heat from the sun will heat up a room to a point, and can be maintained during the evening when the curtains are closed.

Get your boiler serviced

This is the area where we can add the most value. Having your boiler serviced can help to improve its efficiency. A yearly service is required for most boilers. Now this may seem a large outlay each year, however the cost weighed up against potential repairs or the need for a whole new boiler is a small price to pay.

A boiler service will not only mean more efficiency, it will also prevent breakdowns, keep your system safe and in working order but also maintain your warranty.

Draft proof the home

As previously mentioned, a large majority of heat is lost through your windows. Even with the inclusion of double glazing, drafts can appear. Spending money on draft excluders can be an easy and cost effective way to trap heat within the home.On top of them being a great investment they are very easy to fit, make sure they are snug into areas around the windows and even doors. Other than around windows, invest in a draft excluder to go near the bottom of the door to either the bedroom, or front room. However, make sure they are safe that if you did need to get out of the room in a hurry you could.

Know the temperature

This may sound like the most basic, and for some may not be seen as the most effective way to heat your home. The misconception is that turning the heating up to 25’-28’ will make the house warm. Yes, there is some truth in that, however it is not a sustainable temperature. You are best to heat your home to around 22’-24’ as this is when the heating is at its most efficient.Using a digital thermostat is the best way to see the true temperature of your home.

To conclude

As you can see from the above list there are a variety of things you can do to help keep your home warm in the Winter, or at least make your home more efficient. If it is a more technical aspect such as having your boiler serviced, then reach out to us! Our expert heating engineers will be more than happy to help.